The Syntax

Express yourself

WorkingClass is about readability. So we tried to make it as expressive as possible.

Well first of all: a tasklist needs a name, without a name a tasklist would be nothing. Never forget it. If you write a tasklist without a name you will produce a gigantic error message. Just sayin.

Anyways, everything else is completely optional. Hurra.

My Tasklist name
[ ] an example task

Just do it.

A tasklist is nothing without the ability to finish a task. We tried to make it as human readable and easy to use as possible.

My Tasklist
[ ] An unfinished task

It’s also possible to write an unfinished task without the space between the brackets.

My Tasklist
[] An unfinished task

However, we recommed the [ ] syntax, it looks much nicer.

Of course you have to get things done. WorkingClass recognizes any non-whitespace character between the brackets as a finished task.

My Tasklist
[x] Look I finished something

[X] I am also finished.

[y] Me too

[✔︎] I am so fancy

All tasks are equal, but some tasks are more equal.

Give tasks priority. Just add a ! in front of a task.

My Tasklist
![ ] A very important task

[ ] A normal task

It’s about time.

Most tasks have a due date. WorkingClass allows to add dates to a task by writing the date in the format d(d).m(m).yy(yy) in curly brackets

My Tasklist
![ ]{13.12.15} Finish it.

[ ]{3.05.15} Website.

I am going to remember that.

So now we know how to write simple tasks with a due date. But well, we are humans, we forget things, so it would be nice to have a reminder, rightt? Right!

Notice: The WorkingClass doesn’t come with a system to deliver notifications or reminders, it just allows to specify one, it won’t send an email or a push notification to your smartphone.

There are basically two basic ways to specify a reminder.

Keep it relative.

If your task comes with a due date and you want to be notified one day ahead you can simply write it like this.

My Tasklist
[ ]{13.12.2015}(-1) A very important task with a reminder

This will remind you one day ahead. The parser comes with some configurations to set a standard time, without any adjustments the parser defaults every reminder without a time to 9:00am, but you can configure this.

Sometimes you don’t want to be reminded 9:00am, then you can write a reminder like this.

My Tasklist
[ ]{13.12.2015}(-2 9:30) A very important task with a reminder 2 days ahead

Absolutism at its finest

Well, relative reminders may be quite stylish and awesome, but they are not always very handy. In those moments you can write it also with an absolute date This is very handy if your task doesn’t come with a due date and you still want to have a reminder.

The same thing as with relative reminders: if you don’t specify a time, the parser defaults to 9:00am.

My Tasklist
[ ](12.12.15) REMIND ME.
[ ](22.5.15 15:00) That thing.